We have the best credential shoes in the marketplace primarily because of our acquisition strategy. Our clients call them AAA!

The majority of our product are collected from schools with personal relationship with the donors.

Credential Shoes - Schools

We pay the schools, churches and civic groups for their collections.

Credentials Shoes - Churches
We provide training, do don’t sheets and coaching to make sure the quality collections are being done.
Credentials shoes collected by civic groups

Open Bags

We have 15-18 pickups on each 40 ft container which gives a broad range of “paid” collectors. 

We provide clear bags and rubber bands – requiring our collectors to use them.

Control Numbers

Our logistics in the US is controlled by us. We have employees as drivers who monitor and ensure quality at each pickup. They have the right to refuse any non-conforming clients shoes.

We load containers, no warehouse, no grading, we do not touch the product.

Each bag is labeled by our employee at the time of pick up to identify that they have checked the bag for compliance and to know where the product came from.